Based out of the musical hotbed of Macon, GA, Parts & Labor have been offering up their blend of rock n' roll, soul, and blues since the Spring of 2019. Heavily influenced by bands such as the Allman Brothers, The Band, the Grateful Dead, and plenty of funk, blues, and jazz along the way, Parts & Labor have been creating quite a buzz in Macon and beyond.  The band first got together for a one-off gig in Macon for a private party in April of 2019. The vibe was good and they decided to keep the fires lit while they kept finding their own voice and getting the lineup just right.  The Covid-19 pandemic gave the guys time to start writing and rehearsing original music which has been a total game-changer for the band. Their debut album, recorded at Capricorn Studios in Macon and mastered by John Keane in Athens, features 10 original songs and is available now...Be on the lookout for a show near you!

(Left to right)

Josh Carson: Drums & Vocals 

Greg Kearney: Guitar 

Rob Sumowski: Percussion 

Greg Cooler: Bass 

Baxter James: Guitar & Vocals 

Scotty Nicholson: Keys